Fatima Elmusbahi: African Of The Month

Meet our African of the month (January) Fatima Elmusbahi, a beautiful and talented North African queen from Libya. African of the month is a new series to showcase talented African millennials. For our first of the year, OnyinyeOlufunmi interviews Fatima.

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Morocco With Hajar Chouikh


Can we add to the numerous “Happy New Year!” you have heard so far, as this is our first post of the year. As a platform for Africans, one of the goals for Africanism Today this year is to show you what’s like to live and breathe in different African communities from the eyes of the native. For this awesome interview, we are going to Morocco, specifically Agadir. OnyinyeOlufunmi journeys through this Ancient North African community with Hajar Chouikh.

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