Capturing With Innovation: African Of The Month

Our African of the month for June features an extraordinary photographer, who like our feature for May comes from different countries with an African sub region.

Your name? – My name is Oman Ahouansou but people call me Seth.

Where were you born? – I was born in Paris and grew up in Togo I decided to stay in Africa for my studies cause this is the place where I want to make an impact.

Describe Mali from your perspective. – Mali is a great land of culture and opportunities it is the francophone capital of the photography in West Africa, full of creative minds and beautiful fabrics. This is so underrated because I can find only a few of my peers around.

What do you do? РMy vision is to put together a creative team we are currently 7 under the banni̬re of studioseth combining video, photo, cloth design, makeup and drawing and many other skills together. We deliver everyday different work for magazine companies artistes NGOs.

Is what you do influenced by African (Malian and Togolese) culture?
Yes, my team has changed a part of the ecosystem of Mali since no creative team like that has been created before. the average age of the team is pretty low (25 years) and we are responsible for a great quantity of the pictures you will see in town through our work.

Where you see Africa going, especially when it comes to its millennials? – I have great hope for Africa since I know a new generation is on its way – new conscience, new devices, new technologies, and a will to make it up for Africa. We are the generation I believe will make it in this lifetime.

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