Child Of African Day: African Of The Month

Today, we shine the African of the month spotlight on a southern African beauty, who happens to be born on Africa Day, a true African child. Join us as we celebrate her and read below her delightful interview with OnyinyeOlufunmi.

-Your name? – Aphiwe Khambule .

-Where were you born? -I was born in South Africa but I also have roots in Mozambique because my father is half Mozambican. Growing up it has always been important for me to learn to emerge my two cultures together and celebrate who I am through the different beliefs and rituals from my South African and Mozambican background.

It is even more of a blessing that I was on Africa Day, a spectacular day that commemorates the day when Africa became a unity through the foundation of the African Union. To me that is a huge significance and purposeful blessing from God that I can’t ignore. Everything I am and work towards to is always inspired by Africa, that is within me.

-Describe South Africa from your perspective?

South Africa to me is a country filled with diverse people and cuisines. It is a country that has had a painful history that continues to fight for its freedom and unity.

– What do you do, and why do you do it?

I’m a writer/editor and content creator. I do what I do because it is a way I can make a difference in the media industry and create content that is more inclusive for people of colour.

– Is what you do, influenced by the South African (or African) culture?

Absolutely! Being a child born on Africa Day it wouldn’t make sense to me, to not be influenced by Africa and its cultural heritage. .

-Where do you see Africa going, especially when it comes to its millennials?

We have the resources to also become an influential continent to inspire the world if we understand how to use them. As young Africans, my wish for us is to continue fighting for our place in the world. Africa has come a long way but we have an even longer way to go in building a unified and decolonised continent.

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