Nayonde of This Thing Called Fashion

This month, we are interviewing Nonye of This Thing Called Fashion as our African of the month. She is a fashion consultant, creative and visual storyteller.

Name? – Nonye Anne Udeogu.

Where were you born and are you influenced by your birthplace? – I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I was definitely influenced by my eastern culture despite living in the west. My parents would constantly speak Igbo to me, the food I eat, the mode of dressing, my culture was all around me growing up and still is.

Influence? – I am greatly influenced by religion and culture.

What do you do, and why do you do it? – Digital marketing and fashion blogging, I do it cause I have a passion and it comes effortlessly + it genuinely makes me happy.

Is what you do, influenced by the Nigerian (or African) culture? – To an extent, especially the Fashion Blogging aspect when I have to create content to sell a product/service to my audience. My ideas come from the environment, culture and what I’m exposed to.

Where do you see Africa going, especially when it comes to its millennials (young people)? – I see Africa and African youths going more global.

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