Anisha Namutowe: African Of The Month

We at Africanism Today are celebrating!! To bring our African of the month closer to home, we are celebrating one of our own, whose birthday is today Anisha. If you enjoyed the African girl child series, perfect editing of Ubuhle and many more, this is who you should thank.

Name? – My name is Anisha Namutowe.

Where were you born? – I was born in Zambia in the southern province in a little homely town called Mazabuka. It’s a Tonga speaking region so I learnt Tonga and the culture of the Tonga speaking people from my interactions with neighbors and friends, and even at school, given that the language was taught as a subject there. .

Describe Zambia from your perspective? – There are more beautiful things about my country Zambia than there are bad things. Zambia is my home, that place that makes me feel like taking off my shoes and running about in excitement the moment I arrive at the airport. It’s a feeling like no other. The thing I love the most about Zambia is the general friendliness of most people. I feel the eyes and smiles of Zambians are the most welcoming in the world! The country has its vices like corrupt leaders and all, but at the end of the day, Zambia will always be home to me.

What do you do, and why do you do it? – I do a lot of things, but if am to be known by the world as anything, I like to be known as a writer. Simply that. And that’s because it’s my biggest passion, something that comes naturally and does not feel like work.

Give us an insight into your book and how it can be purchased. – Echoes of Betrayal chronicles the journeys of three couples that have been plagued by betrayal. Even though the major theme of betrayal covered in the book is one that occurs in romantic relationships, other forms of betrayal, such as betrayal by a parent against a child are also tackled.
Susan and Melvin’s story takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Theirs is the longest story in the book as it covers betrayal from both the husband and the wife. Through their story, questions about forgiveness and moving on are asked. Other issues like sex, maturity, selfishness, and religion are brought to the fore.
Isaac and Hilary’s story takes us on a journey of a couple fighting infertility, and how this fight leads them to the position they’re currently in. Theirs is a clear case of what happens to couples when they’re faced with a problem but they fail to effectively deal with it in time. You begin to tell yourself stories in your head, misunderstandings occur, and before you know it, infidelity.
Bernard and Hilda’s story is my favorite, mostly because they’re both somewhat childish in their approach to the issues they face, and we have all been there before. I can easily relate to these two. Bernard and Hilda’s story is my favorite, mostly because they’re both somewhat childish in their approach to the issues they face, and we have all been there before. I can easily relate to these two. Bernard and Hilda’s story makes us question whether love is enough to make a relationship work and if our pasts have anything to do with the type of adults we become. Theirs is a story that speaks of things beyond the naked eye. It is a gripping story, one that promises to provide both entertainment and inspiration.

In Zambia, the book is available in Book World stores in Lusaka. Hopefully, they’ll stock it in other stores countrywide but so far I’ve been delivering orders from customers outside Lusaka using EMS or any delivery service of their choice at no extra cost.
The rest of the world can purchase my book from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions. It’s a very affordable book

Should we expect more from you? – Yes, most definitely! I have already started working on my second book. Hopefully, it doesn’t take as long as Echoes of Betrayal did! This one is going to be very different from my debut novel. It will solely focus on entertainment and fiction, as opposed to lessons and inspiration like Echoes which was so close to my heart due to the nature of themes explored in it.

Is what you do, influenced by the Zambian (or African) culture? – Very much so. I come from a place of diverse cultures and it’s always inspiring to look into all these cultures beyond the mere surface. I am not a fan of cultural practices that stifle the empowerment and freedom of women, but I embrace all parts of my culture that give me an empowering and proud identity without taking my dignity as a woman away. I have written so much about the good and bad sides of my culture and so yes, I am greatly influenced by it.

Where do you see Africa going, especially when it comes to its millennials? – In the right direction of course. One can only hope for the best. Despite the many issues faced by millennials, I believe more and more are grabbing the bull by its horns and chasing after their dreams like never before. More millennials are building empires, inspiring generations, they’re starting to embrace and respect the power that lies in entrepreneurship. They’re no longer waiting at home for someone to provide solutions for them. They’re creating solutions for themselves and transforming the face of politics and economics. They’re becoming global citizens armed with a thirst to transform communities they live in. And I have a lot of respect for any generation that’s like that.

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