Fatima Elmusbahi: African Of The Month

Meet our African of the month (January) Fatima Elmusbahi, a beautiful and talented North African queen from Libya. African of the month is a new series to showcase talented African millennials. For our first of the year, OnyinyeOlufunmi interviews Fatima.

My name is – Fatima Riad Ahmed Elmusbahi.

Birthplace – I was born in the UK but my childhood growing up was shared in Libya for many years.

Libya from my perspective – Libya is the homeland of my forefathers, a place of history and great importance to my heritage.
However, the culture does not define me as a person more as just a stepping stone of knowing who I am without culture as an identity.

What do I do and why? – I am a writer. I write for matters of life and thoughts to provoke the soul. My writing is greatly inspired by personal matters and historical events. I find history repeats itself and it’s intriguing how human behaviours remain the same regardless of developments socially etc.
One thing that remains the same through history is love. A very empowering emotion, something very beautiful to write about- as all can relate.
That everyone can relate to my writing some way and somehow, is an empowering feeling for myself. I can affect the reader just for that moment, imprint on the soul for the rest of time. Essentially I can remain in the hearts and souls even when I’m gone. That is my goal.

Does Libya influence me? – In some sense, yes and in others no. With all due respect to the Libyan culture, women are very reserved and expected to be reserved (not all). So essentially I want to empower women and activate the feeling of independence in them. Women can achieve anything to live beyond normalities and formalities. Women are warriors and I firmly believe that everything I do, I always hold in my heart where I came from and remain humble.

Libya is within my blood and I will make my country proud and never forget how I grew as a young woman.

Where do I see Africa going? – I see the youths of Africa making our countries go far and becoming even more recognised for its talent rather than war and social failures.
Just recently a beautiful soul and friend of mine Zahra Alzaibi conquered the very mountain of Everest.
This shows the mighty hearts of Libyans and Africans as a whole. We are resilient and I believe all the hardships will only shape us and individuals like Zahra will continue to positively put us on the map and help us get deserved recognition from the world media. We can all make our countries whole again if the incentives of love and knowledge are spread.

Good things always come after hardships are settled. Like a raging river flowing and gushing to the mouth of the ocean. All sediments are left, all negatives shall be overcome. Africa will be whole again.

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