Ubuhle (download the e-book)

It is with great pleasure that we present our second book Ubuhle. Ubuhle is a Zulu and Xhosa word that means beauty. While discussing themes, our creative director came up with “beauty”. We want to celebrate African beauty and because beauty is diverse and unique. We want to celebrate it this way – as a journey, as a process that ultimately unveils how beautiful we truly are; as individuals and as a people.

Here is Ubuhle, our beautiful labour of love. We hope you love it. Don’t forget to share and comment your reviews on the book.

Download here Ubuhle

5 thoughts on “Ubuhle (download the e-book)

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  1. I don’t what can I say. This book is awesome. I have get a lot of new ideas about life and how to take problems as a source of successes.
    I wish everyone will be Proud of Africanism Today.
    Be more Blessed
    @nkubah Eliya


  2. The book teachs us alot….it shows us how to keep moving though challenges are always thre…..the experience of different african youth is a good insipiration to many african youth …..am also happy to see my friend eliya renath nkubah motivating african youth to move forwad from lower stay to high level…..the positivity of african youth in the magazine is a good example to other and am sure the book will bring change in our african society


  3. This book is amazing!!! Very motivating and inspiring… Can’t believe I finished it within two hours. You guys did a wonderful job!!!


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