Submitting Entries for Ubuhle

Exciting news coming from this awesome community of Africans. We are embarking on the journey of publishing our book (e-book and hard copy as well). It is going to be titled Ubuhle (from scars to stars).

Concept of the book and outline:

– Last year, Africanism Today had the privilege of producing an e-book titled Nguvu which is still available for free download on our site. In keeping in-love with this tradition, we decided to release a second book that we hope will inspire and motivate even more people to pursue life with dignity, positivity, and hope.

-The title of the new book is Ubuhle (From Scars to Stars). The purpose of the book is to encourage, inspire, and motivate anyone who comes in contact with the book.

Ubuhle is the Xhosa and Zulu word that means beauty. The name was chosen to highlight the beauty of the African who despite facing certain odds, survived to live life resiliently.

Ubuhle is an anthology that will contain diverse original short entries by people of African/Black ancestry worldwide whose stories will inspire and motivate young Africans and young people around the world.

– These entries will be selected from different fields and different nationalities of survivors of emotional and physical scars.

– The book will detail how these scars that were supposed to render them ugly were instead turned into stars.

– The book is not intended to be glamorous but to celebrate every day Africans who deserve their spots in the limelight.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. A short bio of yourself that must include name, age, nationality and occupation that is separate from the main text and not more than 70 words.
  2. Should you want to enter a story for someone you admire, you must state that permission was given and the subject of the entry must be reachable for contact.
  3. At least 2 clear, good quality pictures should be submitted alongside your story. One close up and one full length photograph.
  4. The age range for entries will be 16 to 40, but entries for exceptional excellence for the younger ones will be considered.
  5. It is important to note that once you submit your story, we have the right to publish it.
  6. Submission starts 15th of. June 2018 and ends 15th of July 2018. Late entry submission starts 15th of July and ends on the 28th of July.
  7. All entries should be submitted to Entries sent to our main mail will be ignored.

Questions and Answers

Q – How much time am I committing to the project?

A – The time you commit to this book is the time you

-spend writing your entry

-submitting it

-going through the grammatical edits we make

-viewing the final work before it goes out

Q – What is the copyright like?

A – We credit every one who submits as the author of their entry. To prevent theft and protect all entries, we provide copyright for the book and always get permission from the author before a part or all of their entry is used by a third party. Meaning even if your entry is part of the book, we still need to get permission for you from other authors to use their entires.

Q – Is there any financial compensation?

A – Because there is no financial gain from the book, unfortunately there is no financial compensation involved. compensation

Q – Do you reject entries?

A – Yes, from people who do not fall under categories listed on the guidelines or whose entry incite hate.

Still have questions? Please comment it below.

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