On Black History Month and It’s Significance

As Black History Month comes to an end, we’ve seen phenomenal black people being celebrated. We are reminded of the things we innovated, how strong, smart and resilient we are. What makes this month special is the release of Black Panther, the first superhero movie to feature an African lead and first Black super hero since the times of Blade and Hancock.

This month, being Black/African became the new cool. We had people suddenly remembering their great-grandmother is black.

While this is a welcome development, as this phenomenal month reaches its end, I fear we may go back to the normal.

Allow me to digress. I love Black History Month and the concept behind it but is there any significance attached to February that outweighs the number of days it has? This is the designated month for the celebration of Black people and they will be glossed over in history classes for the other months. This brings me back to the “normal”. The normal of how Mungo Park discovered River Niger. A river that Africans have used years before his parents were born. We go back to history designed to belittle not only African Americans but everyone under the African umbrella.

We don’t need a black history month. What we need is our history retold and rewritten not only to highlight our failures and fall to colonialism and slavery but our successes as well and we need them taught every single month of the year.

*The images via Instagram.

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