African Food Fest ~ Africanism Today 2

An Edo couple at the event

Fulani beauty at the event
The second edition of Africanism Today was tagged African Food Fest. The aim was to celebrate and promote African arts and culture through different African food.

Chef Sannikayz of Sannikayz Kitchen. He talked about food entrepreneurship and how the art of cooking is not reserved for a specific gender

Chef Sannikayz

Chief Nike Davies Okundaye of Nike art gallery, who talked about the importance of celebrating and promoting African arts and culture. As much as she wanted to come, she was unavailable and represented by her staff.

Cooking Master Class and Cooking Competition

Chef Chinny of Chinny Kitchen. She made abacha (African salad) and served it in banana leaves. She had four assistants from the audience who were given prizes by Nkoyo Appliances. There was a cooking competition and the winner was also gifted by Nkoyo appliances.

Abacha served in banana leaves

Winner of the cooking competition

Musical performances by Kezie and Keidan

DJ Kamait thrilled the guests with African songs

Yoruba traditional dance performance by Kupsy

The ushers of the event


  • Boiled corns and coconut with zobo was given to each guest.
  • Jollof rice from Peppered Rice was given to the special guests
  • Those who answered the questions by the master chef ate the abacha and chicken from the master class.
  • There was also a food vendor who provided different African dishes pounded yam and egusi soup, eba and vegetable soup and jollof rice for sale.
  • Display of different African dishes

What is an African food fest without jollof rice

Some guests eating at the event

Although food was the main focus, other aspects of African arts and culture came into play, especially fashion, music and dance. To see even more photos and short video clips from the event, please follow the instagram page. The main video will be up on our channel soon.

Some guests at the event

Some guests at the event

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